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The Cornhill training course equips men and women for expository Bible Ministry in the local church.

Church Placement Scheme

One of the best ways to learn about Christian ministry is by actually doing it. Cornhill students are expected to be actively involved in the life and witness of the local church. We therefore ask you to consider whether there is a position in your church community for a Cornhill student in 2019–20.

For some of our students, there are great benefits to be had from experiencing a new church and ministry context during their time on the course.

Experiences like this can provide opportunities to put into practice the skills that are being acquired in the classroom and can play a vital role in the process of discerning whether a student should pursue full–time gospel ministry.

We would love to hear from any church willing to investigate the possibility of offering a church placement to a Cornhill student. Please contact Moore Casement, the course director, to schedule a meeting.

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Since 2009

The Cornhill training course began in Belfast in 2009, following the model established by David Jackman in London in 1991.

It arose out of a desire to help nurture and develop the next generation of godly teachers and preachers, confident in handling God’s word and effective in communicating its enduring faith.

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