Cornhill Belfast

First Antrim Presbyterian Church

September 2023 – August 2024
With possible Second Year


For the fame of Christ to be disciples and make disciples in Antrim and beyond.


Enabling your personal discipleship to deepen as you journey with us in ours.


Personal discipleship flourishes in the setting of church-family discipleship. First Antrim therefore will provide you with excellent opportunities to serve as you learn, study, grow and develop your gifts within the life of a busy church- family. To get a flavour of who we are and what you’ll potentially get up to, check us out here:

You will have contact time with a dedicated and experienced ‘Intern Co- Ordinator’ for mentoring, goal-setting, support and encouragement. In accordance with this they will manage your weekly schedule, integrating you into our church life and involving you with those who make up our church family.

You will be given opportunity to avail of Presbyterian Church in Ireland training conferences and certificates.

We also will give you opportunity to attend Cornhill (Belfast) training course to develop your Bible handling and teaching skills.

You will get as wide an experience as possible of serving in First Antrim. It won’t necessarily be a regular 9-5 schedule; flexibility and adaptability is part of the ebb and flow of ministry life.

As well as helping you fine-tune gifts you’re already aware of, we’ll be there to enable you discover new ones. Maybe with fresh eyes you’ll see something First Antrim can do as a church family and give it legs.

While the following barely scratch the surface, here are some things we can imagine you doing:

  • taking part in Sunday services

  • leading a Bible study

  • accepting an invitation to share a meal with those in our church family

  • reading a Christian book under the guidance of the ‘Intern Co-Ordinator’

  • participation in our various youth activities

  • door to door personal evangelism

  • pastoral visitation

  • media & AV work

  • shadowing those who fulfil caretaking & administrative duties

First Antrim is a congregation within the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and interns will be required to perform all duties within the Christian ethos of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.



With a busy internship holidays are essential and will be worked out flexibly around the needs & activities of the church calendar. The minister receives 6 weeks and the intern should expect the same.


It would be most helpful living in Antrim but if that’s not possible we will provide suitable accommodation.


This is a volunteer position, for which we aim to provide accommodation, a small weekly allowance, training programmes and all work-related expenses. Should you be supporting yourself financially through part-time work we will aim to be flexible providing you are still able to participate fully in the internship.


Depending on accommodation, a car is almost certainly essential.


If you are 18 years or over by September 2023 we’d love to talk to you if you are! Feel free to open a conversation with us by emailing or phoning church office on 079 288 092 80.

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